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Last night, I realized I still have a lot of pictures I want to share with you from my oh-so crazy life.  Lately, life has been insane.  I’m lucky I’m still making it to work alive and not half asleep in the mornings.  I impress even myself.  Today’s post is going to just be a catch-all.


Wedding preparations!


My absolute favorite twitter account ever.  #nerdlife


Tastes EXACTLY like PB&J in a bar Smile


Not only did a see peacocks when dropping off the cats at the kennel last week, Travis and I also saw a zebra on our drive to PA.  It was just chilling in a field.


LOVE being at Trav’s parents’ house!


The kids on Easter morning!


Us with our parents!

Random time:

Current favorite song:

Current favorite animal:


I think that’s about it.  My head is in overdrive…think I’m going to play 2048 and pretend to look productive. Winking smile Just kidding! I got lots to do today as usual!

Tell me something you’re currently loving!


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Eat ALL the Sugar

This Easter was all about the sugar rush.  You may remember that I went vegan for Lent.  While I love many of the principles of veganism, I don’t think it’s right for me currently at least.  I will definitely be going meatless more times than not as I’m not the biggest fan of meat, but cutting out eggs is really hard for me.  And milk chocolate is tough to avoid for this sweet-loving thang.  I will always love my vegan bars, and my lunches will remain my vegan, veggie filled salad.

When looking for WIAW pictures for this week’s post, I realized that I mainly photographed sweets.  I could try and say I ate more than just sugary goodness, but I’d kind of be lying.  I let myself go and I’m ok with it!  Here are some of the sweet treats consumed!


Easter sweets including PB M&Ms – the best!


Homemade chocolates!!!


Cookie dough Rita’s gelati


Oatmeal with PB and cookie with the Easter bunny


Caramel pretzel Maple Donut!!!


French toast casserole deliciousness


Got my vegan bar!!! 22 Days PB + chocolate


Not food, but so lucky for this K-cup heaven that Trav’s aunt gave us

One thing that I did not eat:


WTF?! I’ll pass.

Anyone else part of the sweets parade lately? I think I’m leading it!


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This is the end!

First off, if you didn’t see our surprise bridal shower recap, you really should check out yesterday’s post!!!

I can’t even believe that our half marathon is on Sunday!!! It’s been quite a training journey.  Unfortunately, my shins hurt worse right now than they have the entire training time.  Hoping they pull through until Saturday is over!

Here’s a little recap! Let’s start with the weigh-in:

Last week’s weigh-in – 142.6

This week: 144.0

Up a bit, but I let go this weekend and just enjoyed life.  I was truthfully expecting a lot worse!


Monday: Tone It Up HIIT workout using the kettlebell


Tuesday: 5 miles on the elliptical in 46 minutes

Wednesday: Pulled a double.  55 minute swim in the morning and a full body strength session in the afternoon.  Here’s my swim workout!


1000 swim (every 8th length backstroke)
600 pull
200 kick
500 swim (every 4th length backstroke)
300 pull
100 kick
300 drill

Thursday: quick three miler on the treadmill in 26:45.

Friday: Rest!

Saturday: 10 miler with Travis at a 9:51 pace. Pretty hilly compared to what we are used to!

Sunday: Another rest day unless eating chocolates is exercise!

Taper time before getting it done this weekend! EEK! Hope my legs can hold up 4 more days!

How has your work out routine been lately?

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