Proof As To Why The Scale Stopped Moving

Sorry if my posts seem so monotonous lately.  Life has just been one string of work, workout, try to sleep, and stuff my face lately.  The stuffing the face is the part that worries me.  Remember yesterday when I said that the scale isn’t really budging.  It’s teetering on going up if anything.  Well, here is some picture proof as to why this might be the case:


The tastiest iced coffee


Ruby Tuesday salad bar


Amy’s Daiya cheeze vegan pizza with black olives, of course


SO Delicious PB Chocolate Coconut Milk ice cream


All things graze box


Chipotle bowl with chips


Couscous with cooked, garlicky broccoli slaw and hot sauce (random!)


Double chocolate cookies…

Maybe I should focus on what’s going into my body before I complain that the weight isn’t where I’d like it to be.  I know it’s a mix between healthy and not, but it’s not been that great lately.  That’s just a few of the things I’ve eaten.

Thanks Jenn, as always, for letting me share my eats with others, even when they’re no where near picture perfect like others show. 

Happy Wednesday, everyone! It’s my last day of work until next Tuesday! YAY! Off to swim!

Anyone else into iced coffee now ?? I’ve been alternating!


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11 Days Remain!

Only eleven more days of training remain before our half marathon! Time is FLYING! Got into another great week of training, though the scale didn’t move in the direction I had hoped.

Last week’s weight: 142.2

This week’s weight: 142.6

Up a tad bit.  Kind of discouraging but I guess that’s all the more reason to kick it into high gear from now on.

Workout recap time:

Monday: rest day thanks to a meeting after school.

Tuesday: 8 mile run around the campus I coach at.  Ran the first two miles kind of fast with the other coach, and I finished up with a 9:42 overall pace.  I’m cool with it!


Wednesday: My normal tone It Up HIIT workout.

Thursday: 5 miler at the gym alongside a coworker.  Friends who sweat together stay together Smile  9:47 pace


Friday: Nice morning swim before school.  Did 3000 yards in 55 minutes.  Some of the sets I did with one of the middle school boys.  Sadly, I went from swimming DII to swimming with middle schoolers.  Here’s what I did:

11 down to 1 = 1650
10 x 50 on :45
4 x 50 on :40
150 easy
500 every fourth length backstroke


Saturday: Another rest day but I did rake/broom/pick up leaves and sticks!


Sunday: Long run with Trav.  Finished 9 miles in exactly 1:30, or a ten minute pace.  Longest run since last year’s half marathon!


All in all, my training is where I want it, but I need to focus more on eating well if I want to lose about 10 more pounds before the wedding.  Ten pounds in 2 months is looking tougher to do each day!

How do you feel about your training/fitness right now?


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Shorebirds Date

Anyone else have the most gorgeous weather this past weekend? I am so happy to have busted out the shorts and flip flops!

Travis and I went to not just one but two Delmarva Shorebirds games this weekend.  On Friday, we went for his school and watched one of his students sing the National Anthem.  Though it was fun, we had much more fun Saturday night with Katie and Drew.  It was fireworks night and we sat right up on the dugout! The Shorebirds are the Orioles A team and they happen to have their home stadium about 10 minutes from our house.











Katie and Drew tried to throw balls into hula hoops to win prizes….no such luck.  Drew did hit the announcer’s legs, though!

Unfortunately, the Greensboro Grasshoppers beat out the Shorebirds (both nights, actually), but it was still such a fun night with friends.  Travis and I love hanging out with Katie and Drew!

Do you follow baseball? I’m not that into the sport but love the atmosphere at games!

How was your weekend?

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