Looking Back and Looking Forward

This summer has been insane so far with much more planned on the agenda before we head back to that dreaded “S-word”. School.  Gah.

It would honestly take a year to recap all of the things I’ve been up to this summer.  Therefore, I’m going to do the abbreviated version.  Hope that’s ok with you!

After the last day of school, Travis and I headed to Pittsburgh for our wedding week.  From there, we did a quick day back in Maryland before taking off to Jamaica.  Though the trip was too short, we had to come home. More about the honeymoon will come later Smile.  The day after we got back from the honeymoon, I immediately went and chopped my hair off for a good cause.  Wasn’t long before we were in Bethany Beach for July 4th with Trav’s family and then a few days in Assateague Island with my family.


While all of this traveling was happening, I came down with strep.  I ended up getting two shots and a prescription, but I felt better pretty quickly.  Quick enough that two days later we hung out with friends for the World Cup final.


Once we got back from the beach with family, we did all of our returns, Bed Bath & Beyond shopping, and unpacking of wedding gifts.  We FINALLY have pretty much everything in place.

Now it’s time to get to business inside and outside.  Renovation time!



I also coached a swim meet in Baltimore in which I finished up book two of the Maze Runner series and also got to see two of my college best friends!



We also hung out with Katie and Drew for dinner and drinks.  Thank goodness they’re close so we have friends to hang out with Smile


Looking forward, I still have a lot more to look forward to.  I have another swim meet this coming weekend, then I’m headed to DC for a Nationals game.  After that, I’m hanging around at my sister’s in DC because we are heading to NYC for our annual girl weekend.  We are seeing The Book of Mormon and Pippin! AHH! After that, we are going to see Andrew McMahon, Gavin DeGraw, and Matt Nathanson in Baltimore before my mom and her best friend come for the weekend in DC.  A few days after that, work starts.  BOO! And then over Labor Day weekend, we are heading to Pittsburgh for my grandma’s 90th birthday. It’s going to be a crazy August, but that’s ok with me! The bad thing is that I won’t be with Travis much, but he’s stuck with me for life now so we will be ok Smile.

Whoa. Can’t wait! 

What’s one thing you’ve done fun this summer and one thing you’re still looking forward to?


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Oops…I forgot

There are a few things I forgot to post about in the hustle and bustle of the past few months.



I received this Ozeri Extravo Electric Wine Opener and have to say I was very intrigued with it at first.  I took it with Trav and I when we visited his family, and it works really well.  It’s electric, and it takes the cork off quickly.  Definitely gets a good review from me!


Through influenster, I was sent some of Herbal Essences’ new Naked line of products. 


I instantly fell in love with the products, especially the dry shampoo.  It helped keep my hair a little cleaner than it usually is after a good workout Smile I can definitely see me using this once school is back in session between my morning workouts/swims and my day of work.  Sometimes, there’s just not enough time for a shower.

Lastly, look at the adorable 31 bag that my mother-in-law got me! I love it!! Now I just need to decide what I want to use it for!


Hope you’re having a happy Sunday! I’ve been a bit frustrated today.  My iPhone and computer have been giving me problems.  Anyone know how to recover iPhone notes that disappear?! AH!

Any new things you’ve gotten recently that you think everyone should have??


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Wedding Week: The Reception

WHOA.  Travis and I got a really late start this morning! Today is the last post for my wedding recap week.  I think after this, I may do a once a week post to show all of the rest before  I admit to myself that my perfect wedding is actually over. Sad smile

Today’s recap is of our reception, which we had at the DoubleTree Monroeville’s banquet room.

We started with our awesome entrances.  We didn’t tell the bridal parties their entrance songs until the day of, but they all worked to choreograph entrances, and they were awesome!



Then, it was our first dance to No Man Is An Island by Jack’s Mannequin. 


Cake cutting!



Speeches and toasts by our siblings.



Father/daughter dance.


Mother/son dance.


Trav’s cousins surprised us with a choreographed dance.  It was so fun to see some of my new cousins come out of their shells a bit and let loose!


Then, it was DANCE TIME! Brady totally stole the show on this one!



Swimming girls from elementary to high school..


Shippensburg buddies!


My awful bouquet toss..


Garter toss…


And then there was more dancing, and it was over Sad smile

Best. Day. Ever.

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