Delicious Travel Eats

This summer, I let my guard down and ate what I wanted pretty much all of the time.  While it’s making it hard to get back to a healthier mindset, it was mighty delicious and carefree.

Here’s a glimpse into some of my meals over the past week.

Last week, while in DC, I met up with Laura for an afternoon.  I first was introduced to Laura through blogging in 2012, and it was amazing to finally meet in person.  She’s as awesome in person as I would have expected.

We went to Union Market for lunch.  It’s an adorable indoor market in DC with a bunch of little shops and restaurants. I got Korean BBQ from TaKorean.


And of course ice cream from Trickling Springs Creamery.  I got salted caramel and it was amazing!


Girls weekend lunch on the roof of my sister’s building:


Mexican French toast from Agua 301:


Outstanding raspberry truffle milkshake from Good Stuff Eatery:


The most amazing meal we had on girls weekend was from Co Co. Sala

Chocolate strawberry martini called the Fetish””:


Kale and asparagus tart with goat cheese and a champagne drizzle on the left; bacon mac and cheese with chocolate covered bacon on the right.  Notice a chocolate theme?!


Dessert was amazing!!! Cinnamon toffee truffle, chocolate sorbet, and a chocolate mousse with caramel, vanilla crème brulee, and a brownie at the bottom.


Amazing Blizzard…hadn’t had on in forever!


Lunch with the husband at 45th Street Taphouse in OCMD. We got Pub Pierogies and they were awesome!





Alright, that’s all I have for WIAW today! Off to day 2 of meetings and getting my classroom together! Thanks to Jenn for hosting the food frenzy meet-up!

What’s the best thing you’ve had to eat so far? I’d say that ice cream is up there for me!


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Summer’s Ending

This is a post all about my last week of summer vacation.  Darn it, that is so sad to say.  Tomorrow morning I have to actually set an alarm and head to my school.  I will admit, I LOVE my job.  I am excited to see my students and coworkers, but I am not looking forward to having to catch up with my husband over meals. 

This past week has been amazing.  I got home last night after almost two weeks in DC.  You already saw our NYC excursion and our concert trip, but there were a few pictures that didn’t make it onto the blog this past week.  Another picture recap for you today.  Sick of my adventures yet? I’m not sick of them at all!

My mom, our family friend Kim, my sister, and I had girl’s weekend in DC this past weekend.  No matter how many times I see some of the sights of the city, I never get sick of them!

We started by walking around Georgetown.


We then headed back to my sister’s neighborhood to catch dinner and walk around.  We saw some trapeze artists practicing at the trapeze school.


As well as some children in the fountain.


We woke up early on Saturday for a Capitol tour.  I just love the Capitol!




The details of these buildings are just incredible.  I could just stare at the 23-carat ceilings all day!

After the tour, we walked the underground tunnel to the Library of Congress.  Did you know that I used to work at the Library in the Madison Building? I have to say that the Jefferson Building (the main building) is probably my favorite building in DC.



We walked around a bit and walked though the Botanical Gardens on our way back to my sister’s.




We then adventured to the National Harbor, which just added a new ferris wheel.


On Sunday, we headed to Mt. Vernon to see our first president’s estate.


It was an overcast day with a few sprinkles of rain, but we got to go through Washington’s gorgeous mansion, see his farmland, visit his grave, and see where the slaves of the estate were put to rest.


Great weekend of exploration. 

Now, I’m off to have a productive last day!

How was your weekend?


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Andrew McMahon is My Friend

So Tuesday night might have been the best night of my summer so far.  Ok, I guess the wedding was the best night.  We’ll call this the second best night. 

It started out just like any other rainy summer night.  Dinner with my sister in Baltimore.

But then we went to Pier 6 for a concert.  The concert started EARLY but we were on time.  Thankfully considering the first band is my favorite musician, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness!


Sorry about the pole!

After Andrew, Matt Nathanson played.  He ran right past us while I was up getting something at the merch stand.  Good thing my sister snapped a pic!


The entire time Matt was on, I stalked Andrew’s twitter and was happy when he posted that he was signed between Matt’s set and Gavin DeGraw’s! My sister and I booked to the merchandise stand to meet him and it was amazing! The last time I met him, I was so awestruck I couldn’t even speak.  This time I even told him that he was my wedding first dance song.


My sister got her arm signed next to her tattoo in memory of our family dog, Curly.


After we fangirled, we were on a high the rest of the night!!


Gavin played an awesome set.  That was my 9th time seeing Andrew, 2nd seeing Matt Nathanson, but only my first time seeing Gavin!


We got home late, and I went to bed shortly after.  I woke up, went for a run, went to lunch with a previous boss, and then hung by the pool.


Oh ya, and I did the ice bucket challenge.  This picture wins!


After a bunch of screaming children showed up at the pool, we went out to a Brazilian steakhouse.  I’m not the biggest fan of meat, but the chicken and pork were good.  Plus a HUGE salad bar.  I was so full I didn’t even finish dessert!


If you want to check out my favorite musician, here’s his newest song!

This is turning out to be a great last week of summer! Today includes more adventures in DC! And my mom comes tomorrow for a girls weekend!

Have a great day!

Who is your favorite musician?

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