WIAW – Random Edition

When I woke up this morning, I looked in the mirror, saw my wack hair, and got a little sad.


But then, I remembered that today is What I Ate Wednesday!! Three cheers for food! Seriously, though, I revolve my life around my meals.  The lovely Jenn just gives me a reason to celebrate them. Thanks, Jenn!

There is no real pattern to my food in this post.  I never remember to take pictures of all of my meals throughout one day, so it’s a compilation of foods I have consumed this week!

Let’s start with the meals I have had using my new mandolin!  My mom and I went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond while I was home, and I picked up a $9.99 mandolin (which I got even cheaper with never-expiring BB&B coupons!)



Salad with mandolin sliced veggies and red wine vinegar


And then I chopped even more pickles to add to my fork with my Boca vegan burger and BBQ/ketchup mix

The other day, I attempted to make Katie’s fudge babies.  Though they turned out tasting delicious, I had a little trouble making them into balls even after I added a little bit of water.  One ball turned out, but the rest turned into crumbles.  Chocolaty, delicious crumbles.



Yep, that all got eaten with a spoon



Found a new bar! Notice the word at the bottom right? Yep, vegan bars for the win!


Mexican pasta salad… recipe to come soon!




Grocery store salad bar salad while running errands today


Vegan shamrock cookie from my mom’s coworker

In other news, we are back to 3 animals in the house!






And of course, Geno!

And a closing picture from my pit stop at the duck pond today between work and physical therapy.  It was a perfect “read by the pond” morning! I’m sure if you enlarge the picture, you can see the ducks in the distance!


Sorry for the insane amount of pictures!

Off to a swim banquet!

What is your favorite snack food??

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5 Responses to WIAW – Random Edition

  1. I tried making those too and also had that problem! I found that it was easiest to form them by scooping it from the food processor into a plastic ziplock bag and shaping one at a time in there. They still got a bit crumbly but were really good. I did use those crumbs in greek yogurt which was amazing! I also made other batches with banana or applesauce and they are much less crumbly and still equally delicious.

  2. i love all your pictures! my favorite snack : apple and colby cheese

  3. I had the sameee problem with those fudge things! I actually got pretty pissed after awhile (I was in a rush too, this did not help) and had to step away to avoid throwing my food processor across the kitchen. Overreaction? Maybe ;)

  4. Chocolate crumbles sounds good to me. Hmmm. I have no baking expertise but that salad does look awesome!

  5. I want to try that flavor of MOJO! Also, I need your pets. :)

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