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With the beginning of the year, I decided it was time to finally get my act together in order to look the best on my wedding day.  With this, I decided to eat clean 95% of the time.  So far, I’ve cheated twice: chocolate covered pretzels, and Ande’s mints. 

One way to try and stick to my goals has been to track everything that I eat.  Follow me on My Fitness Pal to keep me accountable Smile My username is nt5125.

The second way to keep accountable: meal planning to the extreme.  Here’s how this week looks:

meal plan jan 6

I even broke dinners down further (the type A in me…)

meal recipes jan 6

The things in red were the things I needed to then take and put into our grocery list.  Before that, though, here’s where I got our dinner inspiration:

Monday: Slow cooker pork and kale + corn


Tuesday: Burrito bowls

Wednesday: Vegetable lasagna

Thursday: Pizza stuffed sweet potatoes

Friday will be leftovers or last minute.  I’m not too worried about that because I don’t have practice after school!

And then, I took all of the things in red and added them to our other needed goods.  And then I divided everything but the section in the grocery store I would find them in, making it an ultra-quick trip to the store. 

From there, I got to meal planning.  I divvyed up fruits, sliced veggies, made up the lasagna, cooked all of the meats, and so on and so forth… meal number one was a success last night Smile

Welp, that’s how I spent my Sunday! It is totally worth it now, though, since I can just grab and go!

How do you plan your meals for the week?

P.S. Stay warm!!! I hope it’s warm where you are…

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13 Responses to Type A Meal Planning

  1. I hope it goes well for you and I’m wishing you the best of luck. I know you are going to look fabulous on your wedding day.
    Hollie recently posted…Lake Effect Series: EdnosMy Profile

  2. Nice job Nikki!!! I don’t meal plan to this extent but I can see how it is helpful. I am totally happy eating the same thing for breakfast and lunch for a week so that is what I typically end up doing. Just keep tons of fruit and veggies around and you will do great!

    You should try bell peppers for a snack, they are my favorite!!
    Megan recently posted…Marathon Training Week 10My Profile

  3. yippeeee for meal planning! That sweet potato pizza sounds delicious!

  4. holy moly you are good! I still have yet to meal plan. I am good at meal prepping but I just do the basics. no fancy stuff.. way too lazy for that haha
    Alex @ therunwithin recently posted…Divergent: The big 3My Profile

  5. will you come meal plan for me!!! those looks so delicious! we should defiantly share recipes :)
    kristen @ livinlifeinlouie recently posted…2013: A Year in ReviewMy Profile

  6. Great job tracking! I really need to start doing this again. No excuse, just have to stop being lazy! :)
    Ali @ Peaches and Football recently posted…Driving HomeMy Profile

  7. Go you! This is definitely being on-top of things! And the pizza sweet potatoes sound good even to this veggie! ;-)

  8. Love meal planning!! Unfortunately yours is WAY healthier than mine :)

  9. Way to be girl! When I over-plan I usually do better than under-planning. I usually write out my main dish dinners at the beginning of the week, but that’s about all. I eat leftover a lot for lunch and always have some lunchmeat on hand for sandwiches. Breakfasts are generally same old, same old–oats, cereal or smoothies–boring but consistent!
    Kate @KateMovingForward recently posted…Citrus Fruit SaladMy Profile

  10. Can you come meal plan for me?? LoL. Today, I went to our local Produce outlet and just bought whatever looked fresh and delicious (their produce is cheap but hit or miss). Now, I have to meal plan with what I have!

  11. I don’t meal plan much these days, but I do like to make big batches of some sort of base food like quinoa or rice and beans to pair with a shatton of veggies!! Having the base already made makes life so much easier.
    Brittany recently posted…Post Vacation BluesMy Profile

  12. I’m all about the meal planning! Your meals for this week look delicious!
    Rach recently posted…Rach, the PhotographerMy Profile

  13. I love how detailed you’ve made this meal plan. It fits my personality type too :) Hope it has been going well for you this week!
    Diane @ Life of Di. recently posted…New York is Always A Good Idea.My Profile

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